Why Do Siblings Have Such Different Personalities


Posted on: 3 January 2017

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Why Do Siblings Have Such Different Personalities One would assume that multiple children in the same home would be very similar to each other. However, anyone who has had more than one child or even observed families knows this is not at all true. It is a mystery to many why siblings would have such different personalities, but when you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Here are some of the main reasons that every child in your home is an individual rather than a carbon copy of their brothers and sisters. Each Child Is an Individual Although being part of the same family will ultimately affect us in many ways, every child is an individual. No matter how similar of an upbringing your children have to each other, they are born with their own personalities and character traits. This will combine with other factors to make them who they are. As a parent, you will notice that your children have their own distinctive attributes even from birth. It is important to parent your children in a manner that is fair, but that is different and caters to their individual needs. Birth Order Has a Great Effect Birth order has a huge effect on siblings. Many children have more similar attributes to children with the same birth order in completely different families than they do to their own siblings. For example, older children are often surrounded by adults instead of siblings, at least for the first few years. This tends to make them relate well to adults, and they sometimes have difficulties putting up with the foolish nonsense that they perceive other children as participating in. Younger children are often coddled and thought of as cute enough to get away with everything by everyone around them, and so they often are good natured and the life of the party. They Are Raised By Different Parents in a Sense The set of parents you were and are to your first child is not the same set of paren[wpmasstube keyword='respect; kinds education' maxvideos='5' description='yes' width='100' height='70' showcontrols ='0' buttontext ='Click Here To Download' buttonurl ='http://' buttoncolor='blue']

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