Gifts to Make with Your Children


Posted on: 13 January 2017

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Gifts to Make with Your Children Doing things with your children is the perfect way to be close to them and get to know them better. A great way to do this is by doing some arts and crafts with them and making gifts for other people. Listed below are some gift ideas that you and your child can make together - either when you’re bored and looking for something to do, or have a special occasion/holiday coming up. 1. Hand and Footprint Apron For this craft, all you’ll need is non-toxic paint and a white apron. First, lay the apron flat on a clean surface. Have the variety of paint colors nearby. Then, take turns dipping your child’s feet and hands into the paint. Press them against the apron until the hand- and footprints are clearly shown. Use the paint to then label each hand and foot with the child’s name if you have multiple children taking part in the project. Allow the apron to dry completely before giving the apron to someone as a gift. This gift is very thoughtful and will leave mom, grandma, or auntie feeling very loved. Every time they go to use the apron, they will think of the person who made it! 2. Bracelets out of Beads For this project, all you’ll need are beads and some string. Cut the string according to the length of the person’s wrist you’re giving it to. If the person is not around, you can guess or you can measure on someone who has a similar sized wrist. With the beads, slide them through the newly cut string. Once the beads are how you and your child would like them, simply tie the string together to form a bracelet. 3. Personalized Coffee Mugs For this craft, you’ll need a white mug, non-washable paints, and paint brushes. If you are doing this project with a little one, help them to hold the mug to prevent it from breaking. Allow your child to dip the brush into the paint and brush it onto the mug to make whatever design they may please. This gift will leave the recipient feeling very loved and will give them a smile every time they use go to drink their coffee in the morning. 4. Rustic Twig Picture Frame For this DIY, you’ll need hot glue, twigs, and a picture frame. Help your child collect the twigs from outside. Ensure that there aren’t any bugs or moss on the sticks. Once you’ve collected the twigs, you can start hot gluing them to the picture frame. Depending on how old your child is, determine whether or not they can help you use a hot glue gun. Once the twigs are surrounding the outer corners of the picture frame, set the picture frame aside to dry. Once you feel the picture frame is dry enough, you can place a picture in. This gift will give an autumnal and rustic feeling in the home. Spending quality time with your kids making presents for people who deserve it will make you, your kids, and the recipients feel amazing. Giving is better than receiving, which is a great lesson to teach your kids while making these gifts. Another benefit is that making presents is usually a lot cheaper than buying them, so it's a win-win situation all round.

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