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Posted on: 18 January 2017

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Staying Healthy It’s important that we all lead healthy lifestyles. It all starts when we’re young, so it’s key that when you’re a parent that you enunciate to your little ones the importance of a healthy life. Listed below is a list of ways to get your child to stay healthy in their lifetime. 1. Ensure that your kids get enough sleep. Kids should be getting about ten hours of sleep per night, more or less depending on age – speak with your pediatrician about the appropriate amount of sleep your child should be getting. Make sure that the bedtime routine is always the same. Get PJs on, brush teeth, read bedtime story, then go to sleep. Keeping this routine simple and the same each night will help your child get to sleep faster and easier. 2. Make sure your child eats healthily every day. Don’t let them eat too much junk food. It’ll make them slow and puts them at risk of being overweight. Connected to this is ensuring that your child drinks plenty of water. You want to be sure you keep your child healthy to prevent too many visits to the doctor, so the best way to do this is by encouraging healthy eating and drinking. 3. Promote good hygiene. Ensure that your child is brushing their teeth, taking showers, and putting on deodorant if they’re at that age. You should also be sure that when they cough or sneeze, they do it in the crook of their arm, not into their hands. This won’t necessarily protect them from germs, but perhaps these habits will be seen by their peers which will then hopefully come back to protect your child later. 4. Take them to the doctor's for their yearly check-ups. This will help protect them from any serious issues arising. If they do arise, hopefully anything can be caught early. Going for yearly check-ups will also show your child how important going to the doctor's is to staying healthy. 5. Make sure your child gets plenty of exercise. Suggest a sport for them to start doing. The list of active sports your child can do is endless, ranging from baseball, to swimming, and lacrosse. 6. Kids need to stay away from smokers. Everyone can fall victim to second-hand smoking. When anyone is around someone who smokes, you are allowing yourself the chance of respiratory problems. 7. Ensure that if your child gets a cut, it’s cleaned out properly. The proper cleaning of an injury can help prevent an infection. 8. Sick children do not belong at school. This will only spread the sickness your child has to other kids. Also, when you’re sick, it’s best to relax and rest to get better faster. Sending your child to school while sick will only prolong their illness. By taking these precautions and teaching your child to stay healthy, you are not only teaching them to lead a healthy lifestyle, but you are also saving money by avoiding medical costs. By keeping your child as healthy as possible, you can avoid the doctor's office as much as needed.

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