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Posted on: 19 January 2017

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Using Coupons A great life skill to teach your kids is how to save money. The things you teach them about money will stay with them for life, so it’s important to teach them all that you can at an age-appropriate level. Coupons help people to save money, so why not start out by teaching your kids how to use coupons? Listed below are some ways to get your kids involved in the use of coupons. 1. Let your child help you cut the coupons out of the daily newspaper. With each new coupon you and your child cuts, explain to them what that specific coupon does and how much it saves you. 2. Make your grocery list and allow your child to find any coupons that correspond to the items on the list. If they are old enough to handle scissors, allow them to cut the coupons out for you. 3. If you are in a comfortable financial state where this doesn’t impact you too much, tell your child that all the money saved is theirs. This won’t save you money, but your child will be so excited about getting money that they’ll be encouraged to save as much as possible. 4. Take all of the coupons to the store with you. Then, with each new purchase and addition to your cart, allow your child to find the corresponding coupon to the item. 5. Show your older kids how you organize your coupons. Once they see how effective this can be, they may come to realize just how valuable coupons are in saving you money. 6. Make it a game. Have some already precut coupons available for your kids to use. Then, allow them to go into the pantry and find the items that could correspond to the coupons they have in their possession. Whoever gets the most matches of coupon to item, wins! 7. When your items are placed on the conveyor belt to be scanned and checked out, allow your child to hand the cashier the coupons. This will teach them that the use of coupons should be part of your shopping routine all the time. 8. Have a savings jar. This type of savings jar should be put somewhere everyone can see it. With this tip, you’ll need to remember to write down the total amount of money you saved per visit and then put that money in the jar. This will help to show your kids just how much money that the use of coupons can save you. Teaching the value of saving money all starts at a young age. In the process of teaching your kids to save money, teach them the value of coupons and how coupons can help you to save money. Couponing is one of the first things kids should learn because it’s so easy and is the foundation for all the other money-saving tips down the road.

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