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Posted on: 20 January 2017

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Before looking for work in China, it is important to consider several elements: Wanted profiles in China The most sought-after profiles seem to be engineers, people working in purchasing and logistics, and then very technical IT specialists (developers, etc ...). Commercial or marketing positions can also be found, but the competition is the toughest and unless they address a Western clientele or play the "white service", these positions will require a level of Often advanced Chinese. Factors that can help you in your research - Experience in France or elsewhere, preferably managerial. - Advanced / Rare technical knowledge - Previous professional experience in China - Speak, read or write (on the computer) Chinese   Presentation of the CV You must have your CV in English (a French version may be indicated for francophone companies). Highlight your professional experiences and your language skills. Looking for a job from France or from China? The answer to this question varies depending on your profile and the type of contract you are looking for. If you are looking to be expatriated with a French contract and all expat benefits, a search from France makes more sense. The number of expat contracts is constantly decreasing, so the opportunities are limited ... If you are looking for a local contract, you will find some opportunities from France but you will be much more likely to find it from China since the recruitment process is often fast and you have to be on To be responsive to maintenance requests ... Where to find a job in China In order to maximize your chances of finding a job, it is best to multiply the search angles by contacting the French Chamber of Commerce in China (CCIFC), going to expat sites or other employment sites of room Trade, playing and expanding your guanxi, reaching out to headhunters or through Chinese job search sites ...    

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